COMPANY: Educational Consulting Practice

TASK: Rebrand from scratch (name, logo, elevator pitch), website design/copy, collateral design/copy

STRATEGY: Make it personal

The principal of One Oak approached MANE BRAND to create a brand and all marketing materials for a new educational consulting practice.  The challenge was to differentiate One Oak from other educational consultancies in Chicago, Illinois–one of the most saturated and competitive markets in the country–and to do so in a way that felt authentic and not contrived.  One Oak wanted to clearly state the company’s differentiators without seeming to clamor for attention.  They wanted a brand that was natural, authentic, and easy to communicate.  Like many helping professionals, the One Oak team was not comfortable with anything that might come across as contrived or “sales-y.”

The solution was to begin the brand-iteration process with a name, logo, and color scheme that had deep significance to the company’s founder. This approach allowed One Oak to more naturally articulate its unique story, mission, and brand.  The result was a fluid expression of the company’s core identity that made selling–whether on the phone, in person, or on the internet–feel more comfortable and authentic.  The practice has grown rapidly since it’s launch.