COMPANY: Sport nutrition and grocery product with a social mission

TASK: Created brand from scratch (name, logo, elevator pitch) plus website, packaging design, investor documentation/pitch, business plan, all collaterals, all copy

STRATEGY: Layered brand

MOYO is a startup that produces “power peanut butter” and donates an ounce of therapeutic food to a malnourished child for every ounce of MOYO sold. Our mission was to convey a powerful, but complex, set of brand attributes seamlessly.  Those attributes include powerful, patent-pending nutritional formulas; a dual appeal to both athletes and everyday shoppers; imaginative but approachable flavors; and the social mission of the company.

That was a lot to convey efficiently, so MOYO took a layered approach to the brand, communicating the company’s nutritional mission first, social mission second, flavor qualities third, and so on.  We also divided the product  attributes into three categories that reflect the wellness aspect of the power peanut butter, the sport-nutrition application of the product, and the social mission of the company.  We called these categories “feel butter,” “perform butter,” and “share butter.”

These three categories allowed us to go deeper into each of these three principal brand attributes and to tailor our messaging to multiple target markets.