With relevant industry experience.


A collaborative of talented writers, designers, and developers led by Will Laughlin, a writer and branding veteran with 20+ years of specialized experience in the mental health, wellness, and education space. MANE BRAND recruits proven advertising and marketing professionals who are passionate about creating great brands for companies that do good. Will selects a custom team from this world-class talent pool based on your company’s needs, industry niche, budget, and objectives.

“The helping professions require nuanced brands that can simultaneously convey compassion, authenticity, and subject-area sophistication,” says Will. “Agencies used to selling stuff like fast food and skinny jeans can struggle with that mix. But those are MANE BRAND’s areas of fluency and passion.”

Will has been a senior executive, corporate troubleshooter, and brand manager for numerous education and mental health companies—from startups to multi-campus international brands. He has also worked as a professional writer/reporter and writing professor. Will founded MANE BRAND, his second marketing-communications consultancy, as a way to focus on clients in the helping professions.

A graduate of both UC Berkeley and Stanford, Will roots for CAL at the Big Game despite the inevitable disappointment involved. He enjoys very short stories and extremely long runs. Will and his wife, Beth, and dog, Liam, split their time between hippity hoppin’ Boulder, Colorado, and a 600-acre farm in Kentucky.


MANE BRAND recruits talented creative and digital professionals who are passionate about creating great brands for companies that do good. Our team includes independents, freelancers, and agency professionals with the following specialties:

  • Graphic design
  • Web design and development
  • Videography
  • SEO and Social Media
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Sales and marketing


Mane Brand works with Stoke Interactive (run by Lindsay Siegel Beckman) to provide world class digital solutions at an affordable price. Stoke Interactive specializes in web and graphic design, programming, and video/photography – for both the online and offline world.

If you would like to discuss joining our team, please contact Will directly at or 720.722.3678.