COMPANY: All-girls’ therapeutic high school

TASKS: Create a compelling brand voice; rewrite all materials and website


Eva Carlston Academy experienced early success and rapid growth soon after launching.  Their website and marketing materials were hastily written prior to the company’s launch and did not reflect the rich brand that had evolved as the school grew.   Eva Carlston Academy has a number of programmatic strengths–an innovative art therapy program, a strong school program, an urban location close to cultural and educational resources, and an elegant physical environment.  But simply describing a list of program features had yielded a flat and featureless brand–an “un-brand.”

Our solution was to weave a subtle but powerful differentiator throughout the website and marketing materials.  Eva Carlston Academy’s leadership team is comprised primarily of strong, successful women whose mission is to serve as role models for the school’s clientele.  Most, if not all, girls’ therapeutic programs in Utah are founded or lead by men.  By weaving this important differentiator throughout the school’s communications, we were able to bring the Eva Carlston brand to life in a new and powerful way.